About the project

About the project
Welcome to the inaugural Morecambe Pride.
Morecambe is a beautiful sea side town in North West Lancashire
with some of the most amazing sea views across the bay. Morecambe Pride
aims to bring the community together in a celebration of music, dance and colour.
And to reach the LGBT that feel isolated in the community this is also a fantastic free
event for everyone.

Pride History 50 Years of Stonewall

The origins of LGB+T Pride lie in 1960s America and the Stonewall Riots
in Greenwich Village, New York City. The NYPD (New York Police Department)
raided the Stonewall Inn, a small bar frequented mainly by disaffected LGBT people
on the outskirts of society, this lead to several nights of rioting and the founding
of a number of LGBT organisations.

To commemorate the one year anniversary of the Stonewall riots a number of LGBT
activists planned the Christopher Street Liberation Day, a march to Central Park on
28th June 1970.

From that event in 1970 a number of LGBT activists have marched across a wide array
of cities including London in 1972 and Brighton in 1973. Also in 1973 the campaign for
Homosexual Equality held the first British gay rights conference in Morecambe on the
Central pier which unfortunately was damaged beyond repair and was demolished in

Since the first events Pride has changed a lot getting bigger and more inclusive.
In recent years there has been an explosion in the number of Pride events across the
world, in a variety of countries Prides have taken place including South Africa, Nepal
and Curacao.

Also a big thank you to West End Million for funding this website